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TWINOPIANS is the name of our eTwinning project that  our school got involved in 2020. 

The countries that took part in  were : Romania, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, France, Georgia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, North  Macedonia, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Turkey, Ukraine. 

Our educational objectives  were:

- to get  the peers to  collaborate on the same subject synchronously  

- to learn and raise tolerance about other cultures

- to improve ICT and language skills

-  to have some fun together

- to enrich our knowledge through exchange  with  others, both students and teachers 

- to enrich theprinciple of friendship  and  trust in one another, both students  and teachers 

We used different approaches :  individual work  , pair work, group work, TPR, Observation, Interviewing  students , Informal  consultations,  Creation of a trusting classroom, risk – taking and participation . We wanted to build student confidence in their ability  to use  language, we tried to improve learners  cognitive processing scaffolding.  We also used Brainstorming, portfolios,  games, videos wall pictures .

We took the constructivist attitude  in our endeavour, Our students were actively involved in the activities of our project. 

` TWINOPIANS  ` is an excellent  example of  collaborative approach . We and our students  cooperated a lot. We also used inquiry-based  learning , our students were actively involved in the activities of the project.  We also used integrative approach  and reflective  approach.  

With very young students , I motivated them by group work and brainstorming, by visuals, by using their skills in drawing and art crafts, by involving them in webinars with children from other countries. 

As an English teacher I  had 5 th  graders involved in this project. I am their  coordinating teacher, too.  This project was an excellent opportunity for me to  consolidate and to develop  the English   knowledge  my students have . They had the chance to practice English not only in reading  and writing activities,  but in speaking, along our online meetings with students and teachers   from other countries. 

We covered a lot of topics that  are in our national curriculum  at English ( hobbies, festivals, free time activities , family, relatives, physical description.  ) Students  also used  English  grammar  in their work.  The values and the principles  that we have to develop  with our students  within so called  `coordinating  lessons` have a great use  in this project.  Students are taught to be respectful, friendly,  cooperative, communicative,  reliable, honest, open- minded.  affectionate, outgoing.  

I tried to integrate the project into our existing curriculum and I followed a multidisciplinary approach. We had a multidisciplinary  approach because we spoke about cultural, historical, political, religious stuff., sport . I consider that the project ` TWINOPIANS ` was a very good opportunity for  me to  get  the objectives in the curriculum  and to practice  the pieces of knowledge  from the English lessons 

On this fantastic planet  there were 6  regions called Twineras . Teachers  and students from different countries , rulling each,  hosted their guests  from other twineras  every month  by preparing colourful activities , challenging games,  puzzles,  texts, presentations, projects, video  meetings , collective videos.  We kicked our goals  with a remarkable  cooperation and hard work together.  Of course, we had a lot of  fun together . 

All the partners used  technology a lot.  We helped each other, we helped our students  and so , the activity in the project was very rich  . Teachers indicated the tools they used and shared the content with other teachers. Students found Web.2.0. very entertaining and participated  in the activities with pleasure.

a) How we achieved  the set of objectives  I appreciate that I achieved  all the objectives  of the project despite the Covid  19 pandemic. We ( teachers and students ) collaborated on the same subject synchronously . 

I learnt and raise tolerance  about other cultures . We were different religions, different mother  tongues, with different history, but we loved this. We   felt  very similar in this diversity.  I improved ICT and language skills . Definitely, with this project , I improved my ICT skills  because all  the activities  needed computer  knowledge. Clearly, I and my students  enlarged  our computer skills. We also practiced English a lot. We had a lot of fun together. In this project we had a lot of activities , we got to know each other very well, in fact some teachers and students were  partners in other projects , some were new partners.  We got on very well together, we were friends. It was a place where Everybody came  with her experience  and shared with others , so , finally, the general background was a very large one, based on imagination,  teaching knowledge , teaching experience , and involvement. 

We enriched our knowledge through exchange  with others , both students and teachers. Speaking about ourselves, about our schools , about our cities and  countries,  we found out a lot of information about other cultures. It was a great opportunity for us all, teachers and students , to enrich our  knowledge about  traditions. It was like  trips to  other countries.  We based on respect , friendship and open- mindedness.   

b) Evaluation of our project. We had different   tools of evaluation and we used  them in different moments. We had a final survey  for teachers  , with results. We had a teachers progress survey.   We had a teachers starter survey – with results and very nice charts  and diagrams and analysis. We filled in Answer Gardens  about  the progress of the  project.  In the end , we wrote about  ` What has changed  between pre – and final surveys.  We had an Evaluation Padlet ( for teachers,  students and parents ). 

Twinopians e-Book  is a very good and  expressive outcome of  our work.  We had certificates for students, parents and  teachers. 

c) dissemination  and the project outcomes. We created a project blog where we uploaded our  activities. We had a facebook page. We had an Instagram page. We announced our project on a page of  Project News.