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beginners (2nd  year of study)

No of students:





“Season` s  Greetings!”


Fairyland 1 , Express  Publishing House

Time allocated:



I  C

Type of lesson:

Integrated lesson 

Lesson objectives:

By the end of the lesson the Students (Ss) can :

1. Speak about winter 

2. Identify new words  in the video ;

3. Use the vocabulary and structures  in short sentences 

4. Revise vocabulary previously taught 

Aims for the Teacher (T):

1. To make sure the Ss have any necessary background, knowledge or experience;

2.To give Ss the opportunity to use language in dialogues;

3.To arouse the pupils’ interest and curiosity;

4. To encourage Ss’ to communicate freely;

Assumptions: Students already know some of the words.

Anticipated problems : time too short.

Communicative function: to use the new words in different sentences.

Skills:  listening,  speaking.

Methods: explanation, conversation, games, dialogues

Materials: worksheets, posters, hand-outs.

Organization: class-work, pair-work, individual –work.




The T. greets the class. The Ss greet back an answer T.’s questions. And sing the greeting song ` Good morning, dear teacher `. 

Aim : to create a warm atmosphere 

Estimated time : 5 `

Didactic strategy :  speaking 

Interaction: T-S

2. Lead- in

. The T. announces the activity- listening to the song ` Season`s Greetings!` The T. asks the ss to get involved in the activity by miming the gestures .The T. involves the entire class in singing  the  song. 

Interaction:T→Ss  Ss→Ss

Estimated time: 10’

Aim(s): 1. to get Ss involved into the activity 

2.to prepare the Ss for the new lesson;

Didactic strategy: conversation and acting 


Introducing the new lesson.

The T. tells the Ss the name of the new lesson and writes it on the blackboard- T sticks the poster on the board. 

The T. gives students some handouts containing pictures of the new vocabulary they will learn. She  will present children videos / audio  containing words related to the new vocabulary ( winter, snow, ice, sledge ).

Estimated time: 5 `

Aim: To teach the ss vocabulary related to winter 

Didactic strategy: listening , speaking 

Interaction: T-S 


Controlled practice.

T  tells them to listen again and pay attention because they’ll have to  colour the worksheet from page  44.  The T tells the ss to colour the pictures the way she mentions. SS colour the worksheet. 

Estimated time: 10`

Aims: to give practice in the words related to winter to revise the colours

Didactic strategy: listening , speaking 

Interaction :T-S 


Free practice.

The T asks the ss to find the differences . The T helps the SS to say the differences.  All the ss will be rewarded. ( little stickers / stamps ).

Estimated time:  10 `. 

Aims: to practice thevocabulary ( short sentences ) to encourage Ss’ to communicate freely

Didactic strategies: speaking 

Interaction: T-S 

6. Organizing feed-back 

The T tells the ss that they are going to listen to a song called ` It is winter`.  The best singers will be rewarded. ( little stickers / stamps ).The T plays the song again. 

Estimated time: 5 min 

Aim: to practice the words describing winter 

Interaction: T- S 


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